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Quontic Bank
  • Best rates in the industry with 1% APR High Yield Checking and 0.55% APR High Yield Savings.
  • CDFI designation by the U.S. Treasury to deliver on its mission to elevate the financial strength of low-income Americans
CIT Bank
  • Also, always a contender for high rate savings accounts. Currently offering 0.50% APR.
M1 Finance
  • Cool Feature: Automatic portfolio stock slices. When you add money, it distributes it to the whole group you’ve selected automatically in the right proportions.
  • Cool Feature: You can use your stock investments as collateral to get an 2% instant, no-paperwork loans.
  • Integrated banking with a checking account and debit card.
  • All commission-free, of course: fractional shares, automatic dividend reinvestment and re-balancing included.
Free Personal Finance Tools

Offers a FREE analysis of allocation, diversification and fees for your 401k and IRA accounts and provides a new recommended allocation.

Personal Capital
  • FREE Net Worth tracker: All your accounts in one place for a total connected picture of your assets and liabilities.
  • FREE Investment checkups and recommendations on your current accounts.

Offers FREE privacy credit card numbers (single use or maximum transaction limit) for online shopping.

Lively HSA

Offers a completely FREE Health Savings Account (HSA) and commission free investing. HSAs have been one of the biggest fee grabs since they were created in the early 2000’s.

Personal Loans

Even Financial and SuperMoney both offer loans as low as 1.9% APR and give you a rate without affecting your credit score.